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Do a quick search in web design in Google and you’ll end up with (no kidding) millions of sites offering web design from all over the world. The web design sector is indeed extremely competitive. Therefore, how can we go about selecting a web design firm that provides sites which are not only well-designed but effective as well? Pretty is NOTHING if you can’t get your site found on the search engines!

A lot has been written on web design that sell services and products but comparatively few web designers understand how or are worried about developing sites with the fundamental components required to provide your web site a head start on internet search engines.

Here are a couple of the BIG web design “tricks” that can set your site apart when it comes to selling your services and products. We sort of chuckle to call these “tricks” as this is all just common sense that SHOULD be done by everybody in the web building process – but sometimes, you just have to point these things out!

Every web design should contain the MOST important tag – the TITLE tag and the common meta tags.
There are 3 significant tags specifically the Title tag, Description tag as well as the keywords tag. These are phrases and words which are quite simple to include in your web site design and embedded in the HTML of the web site.

  • The Name tag is an essential element of web design for search engine optimisation. This tag will probably be picked up by search engines when a visitor finds your site on an internet search engine and shown as a result header. This tag also appears as the name that in the blue strip on top of your browser. An excellent web design will include a brief Title tag which includes the key words you believe visitors will utilize to locate your web site.
  • It is a brief description of what the web page is all about and it frequently seems below the name in search engine results. Even though the value of the Description tag in search engine position is not certain, the description in a web design actions like a sales pitch. This really is your chance to tell the visitor precisely what the web page is all about and why she or he should click in your web site. Don’t forget, web design isn’t almost receiving it ranked and constructing a web site. An excellent web design sell your services and products, get the visitor to click on your own site when it’s located and must do all this.
  • Let us look in the Keywords tag. An excellent web design practice would be to have themed web pages and concentrated. What this means is that every web page ought to be focused on one key word at a time and this key word ought to be in the web page Keyword tag. It is extremely significant the key words used in the tag show up in the body of the text.

Finally, the h1, h2 headers are also significant aspects of a great website design. As all these are read by search engines use h1 and h2 headers. H1 headers are by default fonts that are big. It’s likely to format these so they fit the general appearance of the web design and keep their header properties.

Are these “tricks”? No they’re not. They’re just good common sense things EVERY web designer should be doing when they are creating a site for you!

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